The University of Washington Hydrometeorological Modeling and Forecast Group conducts research on issues related to precipitation, snow, and streamflow modeling, forecasting, and verification in the Pacific Northwestern United States and Canada. The group is part of a larger effort, led by Professor Clifford Mass, that is working toward improving weather and weather-related forecasting throughout this region. The members of the Hydrometeorological Modeling and Forecast Group are:
    • Ed Maurer, Research Hydrologist - Since joining the group in the Fall of 2002, Ed has been involved in the maintaining the operational system, identifying opportunities for improvements in forecast skill, and in further expansions of the systems. His background is in civil engineering, with experience in research related to predictability of runoff and its implications on water resources management.
    • Kenneth Westrick, Research Meteorologist - As part of his graduate research, Ken worked with both the Penn State-NCAR mesoscale model MM5 and the distributed hydrological model DHSVM to assess the capabilities of coupled atmospheric/hydrologic modeling systems for riverflow forecasting in the coastal western United States. This streamflow forecast system, which began producing forecasts in 1997 for the Snoqualmie River basin, has been subsequently expanded to encompass 26 river networks throughout Washington State.
    • Pascal Storck, Research Hydrologist - From the Spring of 1999 through the Fall of 2002, Pascal was involved in the refinements and expansion of the hydrometeorologic modeling system. His strong background in snow hydrology along and his experience with distributed hydrological modeling have increased the capabilities of the group.